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Rajiv Gandhi Airport at Hyderabad ranked 8th Best in The world.

RGIA at Hyderabad had been ranked as the 8th best airport in the world, as per the passenger poll held by the aviation customer tracking firm Airhelp. The UK based agency’s rankings are based on three parameters viz., On time performance, Service quality and Shopping& Dining options.


RGIA @ Hyderabadsignificantly, the ranking has crowned the airports that were outside the world’s top 20 except Singapore’s Changi airport and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.
  • Hyderabad airport ranked at 8th just behind Changi airport.
  • Hamad International airport at Doha, the brand new airport built at the cost of 4 Billion US$ ranked number one in the survey on all the three parameters.
Hamad Airport @ Doha



Top 10 airports in the world.

  • Hamad International airport at Doha
  • Tokyo Airport-Haneda
  • Athens International Airport
  • Afonso Pena International Airport-Brazil
  • Gdansk Lech walesa Airport-Poland
  • Sheremtyeovo International Airport-Moscow
  • Changi Airport-Singapore
  • Rajiv Gandhi Airport-Hyderabad
  • Tenerif north Airport-Spain
  • Viracpos/Camoinas Airport-Brazil


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