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Pakistan took a surprise U Turn on Air space Ban

Air India lost about Rs.491 Crores or US$ 70 Million due to extended Air routes of its US& EU bound flights

In a surprise move, which is uncommon for Pakistani establishment, the civil aviation authority of Pakistan lifted the Ban on all its Airspace routes effective Zero hours of Tuesday 17th July. This is in complete contrast to its statement on Saturday, that extended unilateral ban on its 10 of 11 air routes till July 26th.

Pakistani Civil Aviation Authority CAA issued a NOTAM-Notice to Airmen that its Airspace is open to all the Civil Aircraft across all the 11 corridors.

This new development is a breath of fresh air for all Indian carriers especially AIR INDIA, which bore the brunt of the Air Space ban. Air India officially bled Rs491 Crores that translates to US$ 70 Million. Other Indian carriers like Spicejet, Indigo and GoAir also suffered significantly due to rerouting of their air routes flying to Gulf & European routes from Delhi airport.

An official of DGCA, the Indian regulator informed that the agency is working out the revised Air routes and all the gulf and west bound Indian carriers will start using the Pakistan Air space soon.


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