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Air India sacks 57 pilots amidst pandemic

Air India management summarily sacked 57 pilots in the late night of 13th August 2020, in the           middle of the airline operating scores of Vande bharat mission flights in repatriating the stranded Indians abroad. These 57 pilots have earlier in 2019 submitted their resignations to the management after their demand for timely payment of wages didn’t elicit positive response from the management.

Air India- The Maharaja becoming leaner with lesser staff amidst the pandemic                                                                                                                          

After the management didn’t relieve them as per the notice period of six months, many of them have withdrawn their resignations, as per the industry practice.

in a shock to the pilots, most of them were not paid regular salaries in the past 4 months, management had revoked the withdrawal of earlier submitted resignations and have relieved 57 pilots, almost all of them Airbus A 320 pilots citing the slowdown in the industry and trimming down of domestic operations for the next 6 months.

stung by this unexpected and unilateral decision of the management, some of the pilots have moved the courts in their individual capacity and the union of Indian Commercial Pilots association, of which none of these 57 were not members, wrote to the Civil aviation minister for the reversal of the termination orders.

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