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Airports the world over are playing key role in the economies of the region they are operating in, by creating quantum jobs and voluminous revenue. Today’s airports are the engines of growth, prospering the communities around them through bevy of economic activities in the new age industries, leveraging the brand equity of airport and the multi modal transportation facility through the airport. Pro-active retail activity at the airport and the creation of business/work/cargo hubs in the airports precincts, hospitality and Leisure facilities within the airport premises had resulted in the Emergence of City within the City concept, aptly called as AEROTROPOLIS phenomenon, the world over.

Dr.John Kasarda- The originator of Aerotropolis concept, that is driving the businesses of airports around the world

Dr. John Kasarda, Professor at University of North Carolina  at Chapell Hill, is the originator of Aerotropolis concept and laid down the charter of business models for a commercially viable airports. today, many airports across the world, have successfully adopted the Aerotropolis model advocated by Dr.Kasarda, and have been evolving as the true harbingers of New age economic cities, Airportcities aka AEROTROPOLIS around the world. Dr. Kasarda had extended his realm of operations from North America, by setting up an Aerotropolis institute in China in association with UNC’s  Centre for Air Commerce, where he is the Director, guiding the studies and research on air commerce. is dedicated in showcasing the Airports and the cities that are hosting them, the transformation they are bringing in terms of economic, social and cultural arenas of the cities. we try to update the developments around the airports of India and abroad with special emphasis on emergence of Aerotropolis concept.

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